Rex Norman, aka Killbuck
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Rex Allen Norman, also known as "Killbuck", is a freelance artist, illustrator and cartoonist living in Carson City Nevada. His work is eclectic, diverse and constantly evolving. As the artist put it: "I can't seem to settle my mind on doing any one style or genre, there are just too many ways to explore things artistically."

Born in Southern California in 1956, Killbuck grew up as a beach kid in places like Newport Beach, Laguna and Corona Del Mar. His earliest artistic influence came from comic pages in the newspaper, and comic or cartoon art seems to predominate most of what he creates. "At the core, I am a comic art-cartoonist," said Killbuck, "and once I acknowledged that, it made all the difference."

Like all artists, Killbuck explored many artistic styles in his younger years. By age 11, he was regularly producing watercolors and began


experimenting with oils and acrylics on canvas. By the time he entered High School in Mission Viejo California, Killbuck had begun creating his first print cartoons for a local magazine called "Dawn". In the following years, he would take jobs in Southern California graphic arts firms. In the late 1970s, things were done the old ways, with print advertising graphics created on paste-up boards with wax and Photostats, which seems utterly primitive to young computer savvy graphic artists of today. Soon he was illustrating books for clients including chiropractors and bowling instructors. His sense of clear line work and detail benefited those projects.

One of Killbuck's most important early projects was working with professional business and motivational speakers like Sommers H. White and Mark Victor Hanson of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame. In the early 1980s, Hanson was just beginning his speaking career, and Killbuck created all his visuals for presentations. "It was very good money" said Killbuck, "but the hours were often all consuming. After three years, I needed to take a break!" Killbuck would take a seasonal job with the National Park Service in 1983, that quickly led to a permanent Park Ranger job that Killbuck described as the beginning of a nearly 30 year temporary detour. The Park Service, and later Forest Service would take him to many important locations around the US, including San Francisco, Yosemite, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wyoming. His last assignment was with US Forest Service at Lake Tahoe as a Public Affairs Specialist from 2002 to 2010. Despite the full time employment, Killbuck continued to devote considerable time to a variety of artistic pursuits. As he put it: "I always considered myself as an artist first, and everything else was a day job."

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