Terrill Ozawa, Painter
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A former resident of New Mexico, Terrill Ozawa has been a resident of Carson City since 1984 and a visual artist since her early childhood. Starting with pencil and chalk, she moved on to watercolors, oils, acrylics, pen and ink, and multi media.

Terrill produces paintings in a spectrum of styles, from realism - which she employs in landscapes, portraits, structures or animal paintings - to abstracts that she uses to express emotions such as the joy of listening to music. For distinction, she features her realistic images as "Terrill Brand Paintings" and her abstracts as " Tozworks". Her works have been exhibited at the United Nations, in Japan, Sweden, Russia, washington D.C., Colorado and galleries throughout Nevada.



Mrs. Ozawa is inspired and influenced by observing people, animals, watching nature and listening to music. For her scenic pictures she developed a technique she calls "Places in the Art". Soil and plant materials from the location depicted in an image are ground and mixed into the paint, establishing a physical presence of that location wherever the painting is viewed.

A biologist for the Nevada department of State Parks, Terril Ozawa is also a community volunteer, involved in Friends of the Carson City Library and a member of the Carson City Shade Tree Council. She is grateful to live in a community so rich in talented people and enjoys the work of Carson City music and theater groups. Besides her own creations, she displays the works of several local artists in her home.

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