2010 Christmas Tree Lighting
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The month of December has everything it takes to be voted the worst of the year, perennially. Darkness dominates to the point where it's depressing. The weather is either cold and wet, or it's colder and icy. It costs a fortune to keep the house warm, it costs two fortunes to dress the kids warm. If you don't drive carefully you'll total your car. If you do drive carefully someone else will total your car. Theoretically you can go skiing, but in reality, shoveling the snow is as close as you'll get to practicing winter sports.

Those are just a few items on a list that can fill a book. Yet, talk to anybody and you will be assured that this is the most wonderful time of the year, period. Such is the power of Christmas.

Christmas is a family event. One - perhaps the only one - that extends "family" beyond the limit of blood relationship to include our neighbors, and their neighbors, the whole community, even strangers. It magically makes almost tangible that there is always much more we have in common than what divides us. On that account, Christmas yields the highest return when celebrated with the whole community.

Carson City has traditionally done exactly that, on the first Thursday in December during the lighting of the State Christmas Tree in front of the Capitol. This year, however, the event had grown to also include the lighting of the Carson City Christmas Tree on the corner of Musser and Nevada Streets, as well as a small Christmas Market at Telegraph Square and a Santa Stop at the new Laxalt Plaza. It required


closing Carson Street from 5th Street to Robinson Street to traffic, which is a treat all by itself.

The ceremony began with the arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus at the State Capitol, in a white victorian, horse drawn carriage. They were greeted by a crowd of more than a thousand, plus 300 voices of the Carson City 5th Grade Music Students Singing Ensemble. Accompanied by the Carson Middle School Advanced Handbell Choir these students enthusiastically entertained with classic Christmas jingles while Santa and Mrs. Claus distributed sugar canes.

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