Nevada Day in Carson City
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A people is defined by it's traditions, and one of the traditions we have in Nevada is, it never rains during the Nevada Day Parade. It may rain before the parade, it may rain after the parade, it may even rain before and after the parade, but never during the parade.

The last variety is what happened this year. A very heavy overcast with light rain caused the cancellation of the pre-parade hot air balloon launch from South Carson Street. One balloon took off anyway and a second one got ready to be launched, but eventually left the scene the same way it arrived, in a truck. The clouds were just too dark.

Nobody was worried about the parade, though, and at ten o'clock, the moment the fighter planes from Fallon arrived for the flyover, the sky turned blue, the sun was shining, and tradition prevailed.

Nevada Day is not for sissies. It's tough on everybody, spectators and paraders alike. Several events want to be attended before the parade, and several more after. One of them is the Classic Nevada Day Run/Walk. Even if you're not intending to run or walk in it, it's a must for all who want to meet such celebrities


as Peter Pan, Mark Twain, various witches, princesses and even the world famous Doublemint Twins. By coincidence, Nevada Day is on Halloween, which automatically promotes any costume to the status of formal wear.

Alternately to walking/running with the Doublemint Twins, you could be walking/running to the Governor's Mansion (you could drive there if you insist, but good luck parking!) for some pancake breakfast, served by the Republican Women of Carson City. This year we enjoyed excellent service from supervisor candidates Rob Joiner and Day Williams at the buffet, and the charming Sharron Angle who waited tables. Among the pancake gourmets were gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval with daughters, and the lovely Miss Nevada USA, Julianna Erdesz.

Nevada has the reputation of celebrating the anniversary of statehood more than any other state in the Union. Maybe because we paid more for it than any other state - all that gold and silver; maybe because we don't like much of what happens in D.C. and want to get at least something in return for the federal income tax we're paying; or maybe we're just the only ones who do it. I never heard of California Day, for example.

Which may explain why one of the entries in this year's parade was a high school band from Bishop, California. They don't get that at home.

The theme of this year's parade was "100 Years of Aviation in Nevada" and it does not refer to Mark Twain's story about an explosives factory blowing up and some of the workers staying up in the air for ten minutes or more

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