So spend your whole adult life climbing the ladder of your career, getting married, reaching your mortgage and when you are finally in a financial position to afford the car of your dreams, guess what? It’s time to invest in a station wagon with a DVD player in the back, playing a steady stream of Spongebob Squarepants and Disney films.

True, when you have children, you have certain responsibilities and duties, and there are some things you need to sacrifice in the name of giving your children the attention they need. However, there is this crazy idea that floats around when you have kids, the fun part of your life is over, so forget the second honeymoon in Bermuda shorts, forget to go out to see any movie without talking to animals, and most importantly, forget you ever drove that Lamborghini you spent all your adult life drooling on, right? Mistaken. Just because a parent doesn’t mean you are no longer your person with your needs, desires and ambitions, and there is no excuse for giving up those ambitions just because you have a family now.

Needless to say, your kids come first and, of course, your main vehicle will likely be something with enough places to accommodate the whole family. However, if you are living a decent life, if you are an adult who can handle the responsibility of keeping a used exotic car, then there is no reason why your second car can do it? Ferrari high power.

Basically, what comes down to this is: if you are in a position where you can comfortably raise a family and can afford a used luxury car, then you have earned the right to drive one. To be honest, your life doesn’t end when you have your first child.

Think about it this way; Can you think of anyone more worthy of a weekend cruise in a used BMW than a parent who works hard? To tell the truth, by purchasing your first exotic car after having children, you will probably have developed a greater appreciation for that freedom, that thrill of cruising in your luxury car than you can ever have before.

Raising a family is tiring, it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifice. In the same way, of course, it is incredibly rewarding. In the end though, a parent really deserves some time alone from time to time and, more importantly, you deserve to indulge in your interests, interests that have absolutely nothing to do with talking fish. animated in 3D.

In short, as a parent, you have to stop and take a day every now and then (as absurd as it may seem, it is possible!), And there are some methods to take some time to self-liberalize like driving a car i.e. , in fact, your car, and not a family car loaded with blankets and bottles of juice …. And at the very least, your kids will never be embarrassed when you pick them up from school.

No matter which car you decide, there are 3 things you should always do:

1. Get a CarFax

2. Have the car checked by a qualified mechanic / performance center

3. Go through a reliable dealer

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