The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Bob Norwood, has been building, racing, restoring and assisting vintage / racing Ferraris and other vehicles for over fifty years. It is known to incorporate innovative developments in high performance automotive design.

His passion for cars started at a young age. At 13, he drove a 1946 Ford Coupe in his first competitive drag race. He continued to drag during high school, driving a six-cylinder GMC Coupe G-Gas and subsequently a Corvette A-Sports. In 1971, he raced a Hemi-Cuda Superstock and won him second place in the world of A / FC rankings.

Norwood entered Cam AM racing in 1982 with a 1979 Citi-Corp championship car purchase from Carl Hass. He directed SCCA A-Sports with pilot Phil Compton and continued in 1983 with the addition of the second Lola 333 led by Mike Rowe. The Norwood team collaborated with Don Walker in late 1983, purchased the VDS Team and won Cam AM in 1984. At one point he was the proud owner of 137 entries in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In the mid-1980s, Bob’s modified Ferrari 308 QV, the first with programmable injection, set two class speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats and one of them stood for 26 years.

His rebody Ferrari 288 GTO still holds the record as the fastest Ferrari in the world and his twin turbo intercooler Ferrari at Testarossa won a Shootout Magazine Road & Track.

At the end of the 80s, Norwood equipped a Ferrari 12-cylinder Boxer engine with a compressor of locomotive origin. It features a lightened flywheel and a knife blade crank and could turn from the minimum of 1,200 rpm of the engine to the red line of 9,000 rpm in just over a tenth of a second. It was certified on a Superflow 901 engine dyno to produce 1,400 horsepower with 120 octane gasoline with a boost of 60 psi.

The 3.2-inch short passage engine has been updated with a full-cranked Crower crankshaft, extra long Crower rods and custom forged pistons. It has been operated by an EFI Haltech F3 controller and a Firepower Direct-Fire 12 coil ignition system. Fast to date and is building (including the engine block and heads) 5.0-liter 4-cylinder engines customized by zero that produce over 3,000 horses!

Drawing on his racing background and passion for Ferraris, Norwood’s first Ferrari restoration projects were a 330 2 + 2 road car and a Boano club driver. He then built his first Ferrari replica, a 59 / TR (in Testarossa), and continued to build four more. He has since built numerous Ferrari replicas, including the 330 / P4. After years of building P4 replicas, GTO rebodies and 250 Testrossa 59s, they decided to build a restarted Ferrari 250 GT SWB Spyders (scroll down to find out more about these and its 330 P / 4s).

In addition to his projects, he builds racing and road engines for different racing teams and is one of the main service providers and restaurants for Ferrari owners / collectors around the world.

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